How I Feed My Family of 5 For Under $100 Every Month: Part 1

The Fundamental Home

Before I begin, I want to give you some background information on our journey…

When I made the decision to quit my job, Rick and I had to make some serious sacrifices to be able to survive on one income.  When we lived in the DC metro area, this was HARD.  The cost of living was so high there that, even though he worked for the same company for over 10 years and had a management position, AND we rented from my dad at the cost of the actual mortgage (nowhere near what others were paying at the time), we struggled to keep food in the house.  One summer, Rick survived an entire month on raw tomatoes (that were given to us by a friend who gardened) and oatmeal.  True story.  I hated that he would not eat with the rest of us, but food was so precious to us at the time, he would not eat a thing that the kids would eat.  In case you were curious, we were desperate enough at the time to apply for governmental assistance, but we were turned down because he made too much.  Go figure.  Rick actually remembers that time fondly as the best he ever felt in his life, so don’t feel too bad for him.  We learned a lot of lessons that summer that we never forgot.  We pushed to get our finances in order, became debt-free, and moved out of state.

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