Baked Berry Oatmeal Bars *Healthy, Easy, Quick*

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Baked Berry Oatmeal Bars Healthy Easy Quick The Fundamental Home

Oh my word!!  If you watched my grocery haul the other day, you know I got strawberries for a STEAL!!  They were only 75 cents for a 1 lb. container!  My discount grocery store was a MADHOUSE!  People were standing around waiting for the workers to bring the produce out.  It was unreal!  I was able to snatch up three containers before I was beaten away by the older ladies with their canes (no kidding… I was scared for my life!).

Those strawberries smelled SO good that I though they would be gone in a flash.  I guess my refrigerator was so full that all of the wonderful smells masked the strawberries.   Somehow, we made it to Monday (I shop on Thursday, ladies) with 2.5 lbs. of strawberries remaining.  I could freeze them for smoothies, but I was in the mood to try something new.  So, I popped over to Pinterest.

On a side note, are you following me there?  If not you need to be.  Here’s a link- The Fundamental Home on Pinterest.  Just don’t judge my Pinterest boards, people.  I am not one of those fancy pinners.  I just pin what I love!

In this case, I was pinning strawberry recipes like crazy.  A lot of them looked good, but here’s the thing.  My kitchen was clean- on a Monday morning.  I did NOT want to mess that up, nor did I want to do a lot of work to enjoy these strawberries.  I mean, I could just eat them without any mess.  So, I was hoping to find a recipe that would bring me joy and not require too much work or clean up.  A miracle recipe, as it were.

And I found it.

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