Natural Remedies for Pneumonia That Worked When I Couldn’t Take Antibiotics

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Natural Remedies for Pneumonia that Worked When I Couldn't Take Antibiotics- Essential Oils, Mullein Leaf Tea, Etc...


I have been away from the blog for a LONG time because I have been recovering from a-typical pneumonia.  It’s a long story, so I won’t go into all the details.  The short version is that I got bronchitis, which turned into a-typical pneumonia.  For the sickness, I was given an antibiotic, which my body had a bad reaction to- INTERNAL BLEEDING!  It was awful!    After the reaction, I had to stay away from antibiotics, build my intestinal flora (which was ravaged), and recover from my illness with only natural remedies.  It was a long, slow recovery, but I am feeling a lot better.

Not perfect.  Better.

I am on my way to a full recovery, though, and feeling positive about the month of April- so positive, in fact, that I have agreed to participate in VEDA (video every day in April) on YouTube.  One of my most requested videos was a discussion about which natural remedies worked for me (the actual remedies are linked below if you just want to check them out), so I made that one today.  Here it is:

In the video, I mentioned certain remedies that have worked for me.  Of course, this is  just my experience, and you should check with your doctor if you are suffering from this or any other illness and before using natural products (as they may conflict with other medications you are taking).  Still, these particular products were a GOD-SEND for me!  Really! I am linking them below for your convenience.  I felt like they were really affordable considering what medications can cost, and I felt good with the natural remedies.



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I hope to return to regular blogging very soon.  Please pray for me as I continue to recover.

UPDATE- I am 100% recovered from this bout now.  God is SO good 🙂

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