Homeschooling Your Children: How to teach the Bible

Teach the Bible

Several weeks ago, I attended a meeting of homeschool moms where we discussed ways to teach our children the Bible.  I didn’t even bring any materials because I thought I would listen.  There had to be a lot of great ways to teach our children from this wonderful book.  The ladies had good ideas.  I found that many relied on devotionals or Bible story books.  We started that way, too, when our children were smaller.  One mom supported her church’s programs by using their memory verses and study guides at home.  We did that in the past, too.  As I listened to the ladies, I found myself sharing the techniques we now use.  Our study has changed over the years to make it more simplistic.  It seemed like those ideas were helpful to my local friends, so I have been wanting to share them with you (all the moms in blog world), too.  So, here are a few ways we teach the Bible in our home.

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