Preparing for Holiday Guests

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The Fundamental Home

Every year, we have guests over our house for Christmas.  Some years we have just a few folks, mostly family.  Other years, we have had large groups of friends.  This year is one of the least busy, in terms of guests arriving.  We only plan to host my father and his wife for a weekend.  They do this every year, although I wish they would stay for a week at least once.  Whenever guests are coming, Rick and I have different reactions.

I love to have guests over.

Rick tolerates having guests over.

I plan lots of fun events in our home.

Rick plans lots of clean-up when I plan events in our home.

I rush around making sure every little detail is perfect.

Rick sits in a corner and dreads every little problem that could happen.

When it’s all over, I always feel like I could have done more.

When it’s all over, Rick always feels like it went way better than he expected.

What can I say?  It works.

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