3 Financial Myths About Having Older Children

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3 Financial Myths About Having Older Children thefundamentalhome.com


One of the best aspects of spending so much time on YouTube is the people I “meet.”  It is so much fun to get to know others who enjoy watching videos.  Many of those folks are bloggers, too.  One such person, is Liz. She has been frequent visitor to my YT channel and even started her own channel about a month ago.  Her YT handle is The Frugal Libertarian, and her blog is, you guessed it, frugallibertarian.com.  One of the things I most appreciate about Liz is that, though we don’t have a lot in common, we can connect over the things we DO have in common.  For instance, we are both mothers and frugal.  Let’s be honest, those two things connect most of the women I know 😉

Anyway, Liz asked me if I would consider doing a collab with her.  She wanted to talk about some financial myths about having kids.  Liz is the mother of young children, and she has had to deal with SO many critical comments about her purchases that were based on financial myths- including a lecture from her pediatrician who felt that only the most expensive formula was acceptable!  She wanted to share her experiences and encourage mothers of young children, but she thought I could add to this as a mother of older children.  Of course, I have also had my share of criticisms based on financial myths, so I agreed to join her.

I know all of you mothers of older children are fighting battles, especially now as it is Christmas time.  There is so much pressure to buy bigger and better.  Don’t buy into it (literally or figuratively)!  You can have happy, healthy kids without over-spending- at Christmas time or any other time!  Here are 3 Financial Myths About Having Older Kids…

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