The $44 Menu Plan- Feeding a Family of 5 for Two Weeks

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The $44 Menu Plan Feeding a Family of 5 for Two Weeks- The Fundamental Home

This has been a time of bounty.  We are coming off the end of summer.  Everyone is back on a rather normal school schedule. Our cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer are stocked.  Life is good.

So, this week, when we made our bi-weekly shopping trip, we discovered that there wasn’t much we actually NEEDED.  Instead, we could just get some great bargains and use them to build our menu plan.

Of course, I started at our local discount grocery store.  After that, it was Aldi.  My total spending: $44. 15.

Even I was impressed. As you know, we usually budget $50 every two weeks for our family of 5.  (If you didn’t know, be sure to check out my blog series called, “How I Feed My Family of 5 for $100 Every Month” for more details about how I shop.)  This was probably my smallest haul in a really long time.  Even so, I got some amazing deals!

My favorite deal of all was the packages of frozen bagels.  I got them 4 for $1.  I also bought some hot dogs for $1 a package.  What made them special was that these were all beef, kosher, gluten free hot dogs.  Let me tell you, having a child with special dietary needs means that hot dogs usually aren’t a family friendly meal.  Sure, I buy them, but then I have to make Ricky something else.  Not this time.  I could but these hot dogs knowing that everyone in the family could eat them.  That is a great buy!  Another great deal was the frozen, antibiotic-free, ground turkey that we purchased for $1 a pound.  I was SUPER excited about that.

I can’t neglect to mention, too, that my sweet friend shared her bounty with me.  We were the recipients of a large supply of free food thanks to her generosity.  Her mother decided to get rid of some things in her freezer, so she have them to the daughter.  Well, my friend filled her freezer and offered me what wouldn’t fit.  And guess what?!  A lot of it was gluten free!  BONUS!

Anyway, if you want to see all of my great deals, check out the video haul:

My face, though 🙂

This shopping trip was on Thursday, but I have not had a moment to post the video or share my menu plan until now.  I rushed to make sure it was available to you ASAP!  Without further ado, here is the menu plan…

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My Favorite Frugal Recipes: Paella and Potato Soup

The Fundamental Home

I must confess that I have been ramping up my vegetable consumption in a quest (yet again) to be healthier.  I really like doing this in the summer when fresh veggies abound, and I can find reasonably priced ones at the Farmer’s Market.  Most of the time, I am pretty disciplined, but my mind can also wander to food that I have decided to take a break from.  It’s a challenge to watch my children eating a cookie and know that I am committed to refraining for a time- especially when the apricot I bought for a snack is sour 🙁

Not one to dwell in frustrations, I begin to start looking for ways to improve my experience with food.  I start looking in cookbooks and at blogs, searching for inspiring stories and recipes.  Some I can use now, others I put in my mind for “later.”  Since I have been scanning recipes, I thought this was a good time to share with you all a couple of my favorite, frugal recipes.

My favorite paella recipe comes from epicurious.  If you have never had paella before (pronounced pie- A- ya), you need to make it.  Soon.  It is BEYOND delicious.  Even better, it’s nutritious and cheap to make.  My absolute FAVORITE summer meal is paella with fresh corn on the cob, which is also available right now!  Can you guess why I had this recipe on my mind?  Epicurious doesn’t have any pictures of their paella.  I wish they did.  In fact, I wish I were a food photographer, so you could see for yourself how amazing this dish is.  Since that isn’t possible, you will have to use your imagination to envision it.  Better yet, make it ASAP.  You will thank me.  I promise.

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