Keeping Connections When Family Lives Far Away

The Fundamental Home

After a long week with the flu last week, I scrambled to get the house presentable for a visit this past weekend.

My dad comes every year to spend a few days with us at Christmas time.  This year was a bit different because he wasn’t able to get here in December.  Our visits are determined by when he can get off work., so we didn’t get to enjoy his company until mid-January.  I was glad that he hadn’t decided to come the weekend before this one.  That was when the flu was just starting, and I fear he would have taken home a present that would not have been appreciated.

This past weekend, I was just starting to feel like myself.  I have a bit of a lingering cough, but overall, I am at about 85%.  The fine weather also helped.  While it rained on Friday, Saturday was sunny and rather warm.  It felt like a spring day, and I found it hard to believe that we would get any snow on Sunday even if the weather report said we would get some.  We took advantage of the nice weather to visit a semi-local tourist site that I have been trying to get him to visit for years.  I took pictures, but my dad isn’t a fan of sharing his image online.  Instead, I will share with you a picture of Briana and Brian from the visit.

The Fundamental Home

Do you have family that lives out of town?

All of our extended family lives far away.  Every single one is in a different state, the closest being 5 hours away.  It is tough to live so far away from the people you love.  We are especially sad that our children have mostly grown up without extended family nearby.  There were no cousins to play with or grandparents to spoil them for a large portion of their childhood.  Having my sister far away is difficult for me.  Today is her birthday, and I wish I could be there to tease her about being older and getting gray, but I will have to do that by phone (I am too old-fashioned for Skype).

It’s a challenge to be far from loved ones, but we have found ways to make it work.  Here are some ways we keep connections with our family that lives far away.

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