3 Fast & Frugal Slow Cooker Meals for When Mom is Sick

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3 Fast & Frugal Slow Cooker Meals for When Mom is Sick thefundmentalhome.com


God bless the inventor of the slow cooker.  I mean, I prefer to cook on the stove, but there have been COUNTLESS times that one appliance has really been there for me.  These last few weeks are just one example of the slow cooker showing me love.  There was a time when I did not have one.  Oh!  The horror! I am so glad that it is back in my life for good.

If you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (and if you aren’t, you should totally click those links and take care of that), you may know that I have been taking a break from blogging because I have been very sick.  I had some kind of sickness that turned into a-typical (AKA walking) pneumonia.  The struggle has been real-er that real.  It has been R.E.A.L.

Now, in my house, I have two grown men with college degrees, one young man that is a full-time college student, and a girl who has been cooking since she was 4.  I have a meal plan with all the ingredients in the cupboards.  I have Pinterest boards that every member of my family can access to get recipes for the meals on the meal plan if they don’t remember how to make them.  I even keep the kitchen relatively clean, so they don’t have to work too hard to get something started.  Yet, in spite of all that, on the day that I was feeling the worst, everyone could not get it together with what I had in the house in order to make dinner.

They ran to the dollar store to grab some cans of pasta (the red ones made by a chef 😉 ) .  No problem with that part, exactly.  We have emergency funds to cover the cost.  The one issue was that my husband, who is cheap, did not buy himself anything for dinner.  He decided to do without until I could cook for him again.

Is my husband the only one who does this?

OK.  Actually, he decided he would make something from what we had at home, but couldn’t figure out anything when he got there.  So, I woke up from a fitful sleep at 7PM to discover that my kitchen was a mess and my husband was hangry.  Not a good combination if you know about his OCD issues.  I even offered to make him something, and he responded that he would figure it out.  He didn’t.  The next day, he didn’t figure out lunch for himself either.  I knew that if there was going to be peace for my recovery, I would need to ensure that everyone in my household had food while I was sick.

Out comes the slow cooker.

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